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How to make diesel fuel from used lubricant oil conversion?

2017-09-29 14:21:24 Pyrolysis Plant Waste Oil Distillation
 make diesel fuel from used lubricant oil
Converting waste oils into diesel fuel machine

Waste lubricant oils and biofuels are two important alternative fuel sources proved to be the best substitutes for existing petrofuels, since waste generated oils represent more than 60% of used lubricant oils. Therefore, waste oils are one of the most abundant pollutant residues that are generated nowadays, reaching the value of 24 million metric tonnes per year. In recent years, recycling of the waste lubricant oils and utilizing of the products as fuels have become important topics for researchers. Most of the lubricant oils are generally obtained from petroleum resources. Petroleum-derived base oils currently account for about 97% of the total lubricant production. However, these oils become waste oils harmful for environment after a certain time period. Recycling of the waste lubricant oils by purifying and converting them into fuels is very important in terms of protection of the environment.
After waste lubricant oils are converted into fuels, they can be used as fuels in internal combustion engines. In recycling process, waste lubricant oils are exposed to various processes, and then used as fuel or they are converted into various chemicals in order to minimize the harmful effects of these wastes.
Millions of tons of used oils are disposed through dumping on the ground or in water, land filling, or non-energy-recovery. The used or waste oils can be refined and treated to produce fuels or lubricating oil base stock. On the other hand, the waste oils pose an environmental hazard due to both their metal content and other contaminants.
The high-volume waste oils can be turned into valuable fuel products by refining and treating processes. Converting of the waste oils into diesel fuel to be used in engines without disposing is very important.
Utilization of the diesel fuel produced from the waste lubricant oils, and blending of the produced fuels with gasoline or turpentine decrease consumption of petroleum based fuels, protecting environment from toxic and hazardous chemicals. It also saves of foreign exchange, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enhances regional development especially in developing countries.
The diesel can used for tractors ,trucks,ships and generator :

make diesel fuel from used lubricant oil
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