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10T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant sold to Kenya

2018-08-08 19:08:09 DOING News
Congratulations to Kenyan customer’s waste plastic pyrolysis plant shipped at our factory yesterday!

kenya customer's pyrolysis plant delivered
Yesterday Kenya customer's pyrolysis plant was delivered

The customer is a veteran of the local waste treatment industry, but has been struggling to find a reasonable treatment solution for waste plastics. The customer learned about our waste plastic pyrolysis plant last year.Then he immediately go through the relevant approval procedures at the local government. The government is very supportive of this solution for disposing of waste plastics, and the customer has very smoothly obtained the approval of the local government for the introduction of our waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

Kenya pyrolysis plant was delivered from our factory
Kenya customer's waste plastic pyrolysis plant was delivered from our factory

This year, the customer signed a purchase contract with us, and according to the contract, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant was delivered on time at our factory yesterday.We wish the customer's waste plastic pyrolysis plant to be put into operation and to solve the problem of local waste plastics as soon as possible. And bring more economic benefits to our customers!

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