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10T waste plastic pyrolysis plant for Indian customer finished delivery

2018-01-23 10:56:59 DOING News
pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Doing 10ton capacity waste plastic pyrolysis plant specially for processing waste plastic from paper mills has finished delivery.
pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis plant is loading

Since the plastic got from paper mill has low acid value, so the gas produced can easily corrode the reactor steel plate and influence the service life. After repeated communication with customer, finally we decide to customize the waste plastic pyrolysis plant according to our Indian customer’s raw material by adding SS lining inside the pyrolysis reactor, and all cooling tubes adopt SS material, which well solved the corrosion caused by acid oil gas.
pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis is in the port
Now the 10TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant is shipped on the way and expected to reach NHAVA SHEVA port in Mid February.

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