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Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

The waste circuit board recycling equipment applicable for PBC circuit boards, cables, waste printed circuit boards scrap, CCL,circuit boards and scrap and other materials to be used for the separation of scrap metal and non-metal. The machine's successfuldevelopment not only improves the quality of the recycled copper,preventing second pollution.


Circuit board recycling equipment features:
circuit board recycling equipment
Circuit board recycling equipment

1, compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, low noise.
2, PLC control complete production lines evenly feed, coordinated operation.
3, three-stage crushing, the processing capacity per hour 1200kg.
4, the grinding chamber by circulating water temperature control and noise reduction.
5, a full production line using vacuum feed effectively reduce dust overflow.
6, back to the material system the grinding more efficient.
7, air separation equipment sorting rate of 97 to 99%
8, pulse dust equipment efficiency as high as 99.99%.
9, high-voltage electrostatic separator make sorting more sophisticated and more efficient, effective control of non-ferrous metal loss.
10, full production line bridge and guardrail height settings, easy maintenance personnel of the equipment for real-time monitoring and maintenance.
11, smashing equipment hydraulic system set up to facilitate the replacement of wearing parts, improve work efficiency.

Technical Data

Circuit board recycling equipment technical data:

Item Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(Kw) Size (m)(L*W*H) Weight(T) Remark
1 DY-400 100-200 28.5 3.5×1.5×3.0 1.8  
2 DY-600 300-500 36.5 4.0×1.7×3.0 3.0  
3 DY-800 500-800 90.0 4.5×1.5×4.2 7.7 Doubling crushing system
4 DY-1000 800-1000 104.2 4.8×1.8×4.2 9.4 Doubling crushing system



The waste circuit board recycling equipment application:

The waste circuit board recycling equipment applicable  for PBC circuit boards, cables, waste printed circuit boards scrap, CCL,circuit boards and scrap and other materials to be used for the separation  of scrap metal and non-metal. The machine's successfuldevelopment not only improves the quality of the recycled copper,preventing second pollution.
circuit board recycling equipment
Waste circuit board recycling equipment application to this raw material

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