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What factors will influence waste tire pyrolysis plant price?

Waste tire pyrolysis plant is used to recycle waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. All the final products can be sold in the market at a profit. If you want to buy a waste tire pyrolysis plant, the first thing you need to know is what factors influence its price.

waste tire pyrolysis plant priceWaste tire pyrolysis plant

✔ Daily capacity

The price of waste tire pyrolysis plant varies according to the daily production capacity. Our waste tire pyrolysis plant has a capacity of between 100kg and 50tons per day, so the daily capacity of the waste tire pyrolysis plant you choose will depend on the number of waste tires you collect per day, but will also largely depend on your budget.

✔ Different configurations

pyrolysis plant configurationsWaste tire pyrolysis plant configurations

In addition to the basic standard configuration of a waste tire pyrolysis unit, we have also developed a number of optional configurations. Such as vacuum device, exhaust gas purification device, flue gas dust removal device, automatic feeding, automatic wire drawing machine, carbon black screw conveyor, etc. You can choose different optional configurations depending on local environment requirements, local labor costs, and your budget. The higher the configuration, the better of the performance.

✔ Different design

In order to improve the operation efficiency of waste tire pyrolysis plant, our company keeps developing new design equipment. We will also improve the material and operation performance of the equipment according to the feedback of customers' actual operation experience, so as to make the operation of the equipment more simple and efficient, make the equipment more durable and extend the service life. We all know that there is a cost to develop new equipment and using more durable materials, so the new design equipment will be more expensive than the ordinary design equipment. We recommend the customer to buy new design equipment, but if the customer's budget is relatively low, the customer can buy a normal design equipment first, and then invest in a new design equipment after earning enough money.

I believe by now you should have a general idea of the factors that influence waste tire pyrolysis plant price. If you would like to know the exact price, please contact us for a more specific quotation.

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