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A customer in Hubei China ordered a 15-ton oil sludge pyrolysis plant

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On July 17, a customer in Hubei, China ordered a 15-ton sludge pyrolysis plant from Doing.

This is a customer engaged in waste treatment, his factory has purchased a large amount of sludge. He learned from friends that sludge can be pyrolyzed into oil, which is a good way to treat sludge environmentally and make him profit. So he went to his friend's factory to see the process of oil sludge pyrolysis. His friend used Doing's oil sludge pyrolysis plant. He saw that the whole equipment was running very smoothly and it could handle all kinds of sludge. He became interested in Doing's equipment. His friend told him that the most important thing is the oil sludge can meet the requirements of environmental protection, this is something that other companies' equipment cannot achieve. Doing's oil sludge pyrolysis plant fully meets his needs.

oil pyrolysis machineOil sludge pyrolysis plant

Based on his love for the equipment and the introduction of his friends, he got in touch with Doing Company and went to visit Doing's factory in person. He believes that Doing's equipment is of high quality and advanced technology. After communicating with Doing's salesperson, he finally placed an order for oil sludge pyrolysis plant.

Doing Company has been engaged in the pyrolysis of waste tires, waste plastics, and oil sludge for more than ten years. It has a wide range of equipment processing types, high quality and good environmental protection. It is a well-known environmental protection equipment manufacturing company at home and abroad.

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