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Energy crisis in Europe: producing alternative energy to natural gas is a major countermeasure

Under the background of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affecting energy supply and high inflation in various countries, Europe is experiencing a serious energy crisis. Households and businesses in Europe have stumbled under the weight of soaring electricity and oil bills.

In response, the European Council announced to formally approve the emergency measures to control energy prices previously recommended by the European Commission: electricity restrictions, price restrictions and windfall profits tax. In addition to these three measures, producing alternative energy to natural gas is also a major countermeasure.

continuous pyrolysis plantDOING factory waste tyres/plastic pyrolysis plant

Tire/plastic pyrolysis fuel oil is one of the easily available alternative energy sources for natural gas. With the help of pyrolysis plant, we can convert waste tires and waste plastics into energy---fuel oil through the processes of feeding, heating, pyrolysis, cooling, etc.

The calorific value of the tire plastic pyrolysis fuel oil can reach 10350 kcal, which is a good industrial fuel and can be widely used in power plants, steel plants, boiler plants, cement plants, glass factories, ceramic factories and so on. And we can also use pyrolysis oil distillation plant to deep process the fuel oil into diesel, which can be used for diesel generators and large trucks, large tractors and other heavy machinery.

From waste tires/plastics to fuel oil, the whole pyrolysis production process is equipped with environmental protection devices, which are safe and pollution-free. This not only helps alleviate the energy crisis in Europe, but also helps in the management and recycling of waste tires/plastics, creating considerable economic and social value.

project casesWaste tyres/plastics pyrolysis plant project cases

If you also want to join the waste tire/plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant project, please contact Henan Doing Company, the professional leading manufacturer of waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant. Till now, we have customized the best pyrolysis plant solutions for customers in more than 90 countries around the world. We will use our expertise to help you succeed!

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