pyrolsysis plant project

2 sets 10 ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivered to Dali County,Yunnan Provice

2017-09-14 15:50:49Pyrolysis Plant In Asia
pyrolysis plant
Automatic feeding machine

pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant in our factory
When the dali customer firstly visited us in July this year.He did this waste tyre pyrolysis plant project for more than five years and now he wants to replace the pyrolysis plant.He already contact with several suppliers before he comes.After discussing with the different suppliers and compared with the pyrolysis plant,finally he decided to visit us .He decided to order our waste tyre pyrolysis platn after a very pleasant visiting.
tyre pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant was loading
waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant will be delivery
Everything went smoothly,we finished the order within half a month.And the customer got the pyrolysis plant with the best price.Now the pyrolysis plant has been shipped to Dali County,Yunnan Provice.If the machine runs well,this customer will come to us again and will order 3 sets 10tons waste tyre pyrolysis plant.Looking forward to our next cooperation.

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