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What process is used to recovery aluminum metal ?

2017-09-22 15:00:17 Pyrolysis Plant Auxiliary Equipment
aluminum recycling plant
Aluminum recycling plant
When the waste aluminum foil, waste aluminum foil plastic was sent into the aluminum recycling plant, they will use the aluminum separator to directly produce, aluminum foil and plastic can be completely separated. The recovery aluminum can be used to smelting the aluminum ingots and also are the upper materials
aluminum recycling plant
Aluminum recycling plant is the aluminum material after crushed, in addition to iron, into the fine crusher is decomposed into aluminum and plastic mixture, again into the high voltage electrostatic separator separated into aluminum and plastic and environmentally friendly production process.No fire, no water to wash, so there is no smoke waste water pollution problems, the whole process has no dust pollution, completely dry physical decomposition separation, metal recovery rate can reach more than 99%.Both aluminum and plastic recycling.

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