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What is the working process of mini copper wire granulator?

2017-05-12 14:40:44 Pyrolysis Plant Auxiliary Equipment
mini copper granulaor
Mini copper wire granulator
Mini copper wire granulator is a kind of machinery that  can crush waste copper wire and separate copper and plastic.
copper wire granultor machine
The process of mini copper wire granulator
1.Crushing process
Crushing is the first step to recycle copper. After being crushed, the wire can be 3-5mm.
2.Conveying and dust-collecting
Conveying device delivers the mixture of copper and plastic to vibrating device, during which the dust-collector removes the dust and other light materials.
3. Separating process
Separating process adopts gravity theory, using vibrating separator to make the copper particles and plastic separate completely.
4. Copper-collecting and copper clad recrushing
Copper granule and plastic skin are discharged from two different outlets, if there are any copper clad, they need to be recrushed.

Mini copper wire granulator of Doing is a machinery used to crushing waste copper wire and separte copper and plastic.

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