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How to dispose of waste toothpaste tubes?

2017-09-22 11:06:32 Pyrolysis Plant Auxiliary Equipment
recycling toothpast tube machine
Toothpaste tubes recyclable, why? Due to lots of toothpaste tubes are use aluminum, and aluminum is completely recyclable by aluminum recycling machine, how to recycle toothpaste tube? Waste Toothpaste tube recycling machine is the ideal equipment to recycle & separate its aluminium and plastic powder, separately.
Recycling toothpaste tube by He nan Doing recycling toothpast tube machine as following:
toothpaste tube crushing machine–grinding machine–air separator– electrostatic separator– pulse dust collector – aluminium and plastic (PE, PVC) powder.
toothpast tube recycling machine
Flow chart of toothpast tube recycling machine

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