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How about recycling tire business?

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Recycling of scrap tires
Recycling of scrap tires until the 1960?s in the US can be taken as an example; about half of the manufactured automobile tires used to be recycled since only synthetic or natural rubber was used in the tire manufacturing process and tires could have been directly used without major processing.

 Recycling of used tires was further encouraged by the fact that these materials were also expensive. The increasing use of the synthetic rubber, however, lo wered the manufacturing costs and reduced need for recycling The average motor vehicle will go throug h several sets of tires in its lifetime. As the numbe r of vehicles on our roads continues to rise, the problem of scrap tire disposal presents serious waste management challenges for society.
Used tires become waste when worn tires are replaced and when vehicles reach the end of their life. The industry has been created virtually due to government regulations enacted to address the environmental concerns about illegally dumped or stockpiled tires. Governments are also trying to improve the viability of the industry by providing incentives to end - markets that use scrap tire derived products. The scrap tire recycling industry is at different stages of development in different countries 。
pyrolysis plant
Waste tire pyrolysis plant
Tires that are simply thrown away are a serious environmental problem . Recycling of scrap tires on a global scale can drastically reduce waste yards, soil and atmospheric contamination caused by dump yards and large scale tire fires.

Hean Doing produces waste tire pyrolysis plant ,the waste tire pyrolysis plant can convert waste tire to fuel oil ,carbon black and steel wire.The waste tire pyrolysis plant not only can disposal the problems of waste tires ,but also can bring much profit for you.
From the aboved , waste tire recycling business is promising.

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