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What is the oil yield/rate of waste plastic and waste tyres?

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The oil yield of waste tyre /plastic recycling pyrolysis  plant
Different plastic waste has different oil yield/ rate. Most of our customers use scraps off cut from recycled paper plant. According to the wet raw materials,1 ton of matrial (2.5M3~3M3) can refine to a barrel of crude oil (per barrel crude oil is around 180kg,195~200kg in winter);as to dry materials with moisture of 5% to 6% and paper pulp has been the separation, the oil yield rate can be up to 60%;Other wastes such as waste agricultural film, bags, building safety nets, the oil yield rate is not less than scrap tires oil yield rate:
Big tires 45%~50%, Car type tires 40%, cycling or motorcycle tire 30%
Let’s see a figure of approx oil yield of different waste raw materials below:

Item Raw Materials Output
Tyres Steel wire tyre 40%--50%
Nylon tyre ≈40%
Bicycle tyre ≈35%
Paper pulp Coarse material ≈15%
Water washing material 23%-26%
PE material ≈70%
Cable skin PE cable skin ≈85%
PVC cable skin ≈25%
Pure rubber cable skin ≈35%
Telephone wire ≈50%
Life Garbage Pure plastic bag ≈50%
Coarse material with water ≈15%
Weaves & Handbags ≈60%
shoes Sports shoe’s sole 27%-33%
Black rubber ≈35%
Gum outsole ≈45%
Others Common rubber pipe ≈30%
Carpets ≈35%
Aluminum foil ≈30%
Car glass bead ≈50%
PP Beverage bottle ≈50%

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