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What are tires recycled into ?

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pyrolysis plant
Tire to oil
With the rapid development of transportation, tires demand is increasing day by day. Followed by it, more and more waste tires are produced accordingly.Waste tires not only take up farmland, but also endanger environment.
What are tires recycled into ?
tire pyrolysis plant
 Waste tire pyrolysis plant
Waste tires pyrolysis plant is more and more likely received by people all over the world. It not only solve it environmental friendly, but also can bring you rather considerable profit.It can process waste tires into 45%-52% fuel oil, 30% carbon black and 15% steel wire.
Fuel oil can be used in boiler factory, cement factory, steel factory, glass factory etc, which sells very well among these markets in different countries.

Waste tires pyrolysis plant pyrolysis waste tire to fuel oil and carbon black
tire pyrolysis plant
Waste tire pyrolysis plant working process

1. Feeding the raw material into the reactor by manual or auto feeder, then fire the fuel to heat the reactor.

2. After the temperature increases to relevant degree, the oil gas will be generated and enter the gas separator.

3. The heavy components will be liquefied and drop into the heavy oil tank. And light oil gas will rise into the oil condenser being liquefied and get into the oil tank.

4. The unliquefied combustible gas will enter the hydroseal , in here , after desulfuration and purification , one part of it will be recycled to heat the reactor, another part will be burn out to reduce the pressure while the pressure is too high.

When the whole process is over, we can get fuel oil, steel wire, carbon black from tyre pyrolysis plant.

We have 9 years’ experience in this area. Since 2011, China started to export pyrolysis machine to foreign countries. Till now, we’ve exported our machines to more than 20 countries, such as Italy, Romania, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mexico, Albania, Ecuador, Macedonia, Egypt, Panama, Guatemala etc.

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