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What three steps are used to refing oil?

2017-05-06 10:56:41 Pyrolysis Plant Waste Oil Distillation
crude oil refing plant
Crude oil refining process plant
Crude oil refining process plant is a very hot and highly profitable green project, which cost low, collect raw material easily and convert pyrolysis oil to diesel or gasoline efficiently (oil recovery rate is about 90%).
crude oil refing process plant
Crude oil refining process plant working process
First of all, put the crude oil in the fractional distillation plant for further process;heat crude oil in non-oxygen environment, which will start to boil and evaporate,

Secondly, put those vapors through a cooling pipe and the vapors will condense to liquid , while some of the vapors with shorter hydrocarbon lengths will remain as a gas., the exit of the cooling pipe is then going through a bubbler containing water to capture the last liquid forms of fuel and leave only gas that is then burned;

Thirdly, this kind of oil will be piped into deep purifying system with acidity and alkaline cleaning device as well as pressure filtering system.

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