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What is plastic to diesel technology ?

2018-04-25 11:26:54 Pyrolysis Plant Waste Oil Distillation
plastic to diesel
Plastic to diesel plant
The plastic to diesel technology adopts a kind of technology called distillation or refining. This plastic to diesel technology takes advantage of high temperature and heat the plastic oil to working temperature by using fuel oil, gas, coal etc.
as fuel materials.
plastic to diesel technology
Plastic to diesel plant
Through changing forms of the oil from liquid state to gaseous state and then from gaseous state to liquid state, the plastic to diesel  distillation technology can successfully remove the particles, colloidal matter, acid and odour from plastic oil by acid-treatment and filtration. Finally we get qualified diesel oil with clean and transparent color and qualified smell. Having high economic values, these diesel oil can be widely used in low speed engine and generators such as digging machine, road roller, loading machine and so on. The valuable final products will rapidly get your waste plastic to diesel plant cost back soon and bring you great profits.

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