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What is plastic to diesel working process ?

2018-04-25 11:05:13 Pyrolysis Plant Waste Oil Distillation
plastic to diesel
Plastic to diesel process machine
More and more plastic waste appeared in our surrouning,if we make full use of then ,they will be turned to wealthy.
Over the years, several waste to wealth mechanisms have been adopted to recycle and reuse plastic in innovative ways.

Now more and more people want to start such a business plan: making diesel from waste plastic.Doing produced plastic to diesel process machine,the plastic to diesel process machine can help you get diesel, gasoline and heavy oil separately in the same time.

Plastic to diesel process ?
plastic to diesel
Plastic to diesel process machine
1)    Feeding
It needs the input materials shredded or crushed into small pieces less than 3-5cm for automatic and continuous feeding;
2)    Preheating to remove Dioxin
As we all know that Dioxin is very easy to be produced from many kinds of waste burning process, especially chlorine substance, like PVC plastics, paper-mill waste, household garbage, etc. And the emission of Dioxin will cause serious problems to the environment and human body, thus it need to be seriously disposed and removed before released to the air.
3)    Pyrolysis
After remove the Dioxin, the input materials will go to the pyrolysis reactor for further heating and cracked to oil gas.
4)    Catalysis
5)    Distillation
6)    Fractionation
7)    Extra gas recycling and collection
8)    Carbon black slagging

Plastic to diesel process machine final product

plastic to diesel
Plastic to diesel process machine final product


1) Diesel
2) Gasoline
3) Heavy oil
4) Carbon black

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