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How is pyrolysis oil to diesel?

2018-04-25 11:16:23 Pyrolysis Plant Waste Oil Distillation
pyrolysis oil to diesel
Pyrolysis oil to diesel plant

If we want to get diesel fuel ,you should buy two machine ,one maching named pyrolysis plant ,the  pyrolysis plant can pyrolysis waste tyre/plastic/rubber to fuel oil and carbon black ,another machine is waste pyrolysis oil to diesel plant.

To convert pyrolysis oil to diesel oil or gasoline, our  pyrolysis oil to diesel plant is applied to one kind of advanced technology called distillation or refining.
With this technology, the pyrolysis oil to diesel can effectively remove the particles, colloidal matter, acid and odour from tyre oil by acid-treatment and filtration. Finally we can get diesel oil with clean and transparent color and qualified smell.

Pyrolysis oil to diesel ?
pyrolysis oil to diesel
Pyrolysis oil to diesel working process

1.    Prepare waste crude oil
2.    Heating for distillation
3.    Cooling
4.    Chemical process for cleaning the distillation oil
5.    Collect final diesel product

diesel fuel application
Diesel fuel application

The diesel from pyrolysis oil to diesel can be widely used in low speed engines, such as digging machine, road roller, loading machine, etc. It can not only bring benefits, but also help in relieving energy crisis.

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