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Pyrolysis of tyres process ?

2018-03-21 09:51:11 Pyrolysis Plant FAQ
tyre pyrolysis process
Pyrolysis of tyres process plant
One of the best methods of dispose is pyrolysis of scrap tyres. Pyrolysis offers an environmentally and economically attractive method of waste tires transformation into useful products and energy. Pyrolysis also represents one of the most important steps during the waste tire gasification. Thermogravimetry analysis reveals that the pyrolysis of tyre rubber at atmospheric pressure starts at a temperature around250 o C and finishes at a temperature of about 550 o C.
tyre pyrolysis plant
Tyre pyrolysis process plant working process
Generally, more than one degradation temperature region during rubber pyrolysis is recorded. In general, by pyrolyzing waste tyre, three fractions are obtained: solid residue (around 40 wt. %), liquid fraction (around 50 wt. %) and gas fraction (around 10 wt. %).

The general trend is an increase in yields of liquid and gas fractions as the temperature increases. From the works devoted to tyre pyrolysis, which are focused on the generation of liquid fuel results that derived liquids are a complex mixture of organic compounds containing a lot of aromatics. This liquid can be separated into lighter and higher fractions 。

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