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Refined tyre oil can be directly used in tractor

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Used oil to diesel refining plant running vedio
Italy waste rubber tire pyrolysis plant process waste rubber/tire to fuel oil running
Waste oil to diesel plant demo waste oil to diesel process
3D animation video of tyre/plastic recycling process pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plastic to diesel plant demo that processing plastic to diesel and gasoline
Fully automatic continuous tire/plastic to diesel fuel oil pyrolysis distillation plant running vide
Continuous process pyrolysis of plastic /tire to diesel plant runing video
Aluminum plastic separation machine separationing aluminum plastic running video
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video
Mexico 6 sets waste tyre recycling plant processing waste tyre to oil running video


Waste Tires & Waste Tires Pyrolysis to Fuel Oil

Waste tires pyrolysis to fuel oil can be as fuel of renewable energy sources, apply to energy intensive industries.

waste tire pyrolysis to fuel oil

Waste tire in bulk
The Role of  Waste Tires

Waste tires can be replacing used to cement factory, power plant factory, paper factory etc. energy intensive industries. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Generated same energy and Fuel oil when burning waste tires. 25-50% more than coal and 100-200% more than wood. Tires have been used as a coal and wood to heating

 In the recent years, more and more heating factories are using waste tires, not only because of their high energy content, but also because they are cheaper than coal, cleaner emissions, and low moisture content.
EPA prefers to turn waste tires pyrolysis to fuel oil (energy), rather than landfill and burning. Due to the risk of fire and health reasons, stacked tires is not good (rats, mosquitoes and other disease-causing organisms can multiply rapidly in the accumulation of tires).

Tire Pyrolysis to Fuel oil

waste tire pyrolysis to fuel oil
   waste tires are waiting to pyrolysis

Waste tire pyrolysis to fuel oil. Usually, people cut the waste tires to strip or block. During the cutting process of waste tires, not only can shrink them, but also can remove fabric and wire by powerful magnet. As the tire pyrolysis oil demand these processes, it is better to save the cost of the tire to put the whole tires into the machine, but not all of the pyrolysis machines satisfied the whole tires.
Fuel oil from waste tire can be used in below industries:
 waste tire pyrolysis to fuel oil
A. Power plant factory
B. Glass factory
C. Cement factory
D. Ceramic factory
E. Boiler factory
F .Central heating factory
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