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Advantages of our aluminum-plastic recycling equipment ?

2018-01-24 18:15:41 Oil Refining News
Advantages of our aluminum-plastic recycling equipment ?
aluminum plastic recycling equipment
Our aluminum-plastic  recycling equipment adopts patent design, which has many advantages as below:
♦ Environment friendly - Our aluminum-plastic recycling equipment is a kind of environmental protection equipment, which improved the traditional fire burning and water washing methods which are not good for the environment. For our aluminum-plastic  recycling equipment , there are not waste water, waste smoke and dust pollution during the whole process.
♦ High automation - Our aluminum-plastic  recycling equipment adopt high automatic operation system, the whole production line only needs 1-2 workers to operate is ok.
♦ High recovery rate - Our aluminum-plastic  recycling equipment  can be equipped with electrostatic separator, the copper recovery rate can reach to above 99.8%. Normally we can make no plastics in the metal and no metal in the plastics.
♦ Wide application - Our aluminum-plastic recycling equipment can process all the metal and non-metal composite materials with certain size. Only need to adjust or change the equipment screen and the separation parts. And it can directly separate very big material, like the entire aluminum-plastic or other panels with the width of 1.8m, thickness of 14mm and all kinds of metal-plastic lumps with the diameter no more than 1.8m.
♦ Durable in use - The crushers all use the hard and antiwear cutter, which is durable and long-lasting, thus to have a long usage life.
♦ Small land occupation and easy to install - Our aluminum-plastic  recycling equipment has compact structure which requires small land size. And it's easy for disassembly and installation with convenient maintenance. And it has many different kinds of assembly ways, which can fit in different site

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