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Tire pyrolytic oil is a good project

2015-12-28 16:50:15 Oil Refining News
tire pyrolytic oil
Tire pyrolytic oil machine
Increasing industrialization and motorization has lead to a significant rise in demand of petroleum products. As there are the nonrenewable resources it is difficult to predict availability of these resources in future. Many alternate fuels like Alcohols,Biodiesel, LPG,CNG etc have been already commercialized in the transport sector. After many years research and experiment, our company found that fuel oil can be extracted from waste tire by the way of pyrolysis. Then try to manufacture the waste tire pryolysis machine to get fuel oil. And finally we succeed. Our waste tire pyrolysis machine get produce 45% tire pyrolytic oil from waste tires. Then we received customers from all over the world to visit us for studying our waste tire pyrolysis machine. Until now, our waste tire pyrolysis oil machine has been installed in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa as well as Caribbean area.

The tire pyrolytic oil is obtained from the scrap tire. The scrap tire is one of the very common and important solid wastes all over the world.Scrap tire production shows increasing trend due to increasing number of vehicle in both developed and underdeveloped countries.Tire pyrolytic oil has a good heating value, it can be used as heating fuel for steel mill, cement factory, glass factory,etc. If you are looking for new business program now, waste tire recycling to fuel oil will be a good choice for you. Please feel free to send us your enquiry!

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