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How to avoid air pollution in the processing of waste tire recycling machine

2018-04-17 10:53:18 Oil Refining News
How to avoid air pollution in the processing of waste tire recycling machine?
For waste tire recycling machine, there are 2 possible sources of air pollution during machine running. There are waste gas and smoke.

In order to ensure waste tire recycling machine work environmental friendly, we take following measures to prevent possible pollution.
During the running of waste tire recycling machine, some waste gas which can’t be converted into oil gas will generated. We have professional water safety device for collecting waste gas, which is connected with furnace. Therefore, waste gas will be directly recycled for heating reactor directly without and pollution to the air.

For smoke processing during the working of waste tire recycling machine,there are high pressure nozzles and environmental damp which will clean flue gas with high pressure. After processing, the smoke will become white as clean as water steam and then be discharged from chimney.
pyrolysis plant compare
The smoke final emission comparison

So please be assured that our waste tire recycling machine is green technology.
If you are interested in our waste tire recycling machine, please contact us and get more useful information.


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