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What is continuous fully automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

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continuous pyrolysis plant
Continuous fully automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Automotive has always been a demand in our daily lives, and more and more cars mean creating more and more scrap tires. In this way, how to manage these scrap tires has become a thorny issue. In particular, the disposal of large-scale waste tires is a big problem. You can choose a continuous waste tire pyrolysis device. It is the process of cracking waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, and combustible gas using the principle of high-temperature pyrolysis. Its daily processing capacity reaches 30-50 tons of waste tires per day, and it can continuously work 24 hours a day.

Continuous fully automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant operation process

continuous tyre pyrolysis plant
Continuous fully automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant working process

1. Collect enough scrap tires for use.
2. Pass the collected scrap tires through the tire drawing machine and pull out the steel wire inside.
3. The waste tire withdrawn from the steel wire is cut into small pieces of 3-5cm with a tire crusher to facilitate feeding into the reactor.
4. The tire crumbs are fed into the reactor via a sealed screw-pushing device and heated. After the temperature rises to some extent, the oil and gas begin to crack.
5. Oil and gas enters the condensing system and is liquefied into heavy oil and flows into the tank.
6. Desulfurize and degrease the heavy oil collected in the tank.
7. The carbon black produced in the cracking process will be automatically sent out of the furnace through the sealed screw pushing device.

When the entire pyrolysis process is over, we can get pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. They have a wide range of applications.

continuous pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis oil application

1. Pyrolysis oil can be widely used as fuel oil in industries such as steel and boiler plants, ceramics, electricity or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants, etc. or as fuel oil for generators to obtain electricity.

pyrolysis plant
Carbon black application

2. Carbon black can be used to make clay building bricks or as a fuel.

tyre pyrolysis plant
Steel wire application

3. Steel wire can be directly sold or recycled to produce new steel products.

4. The combustible gas will be recycled by the equipment and reused in the heating fuel of the reactor.

The main advantages of DoingGroup's continuous fully automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant are as follows:

continuous fully automatic pyrolysis plant
DoinggRoup's continuous  tyre pyrolysis plant

1. Fully automatic, low labor costs
Our continuous plastic molding machine is controlled by a PLC system with an automatic loading and unloading system, requiring only 1-2 workers to operate PLCs or computers.
2. Thorough pyrolysis of high oil production
Our continuous injection molding machine employs a multi-reactor design that allows waste tires to be fully pyrolyzed for high yields.
3. Large capacity
In addition, thanks to continuous feed and unloading systems and a unique multi-reactor design, our continuous plastic processing machines can process at least 10 tons of waste plastics up to 100 T/D per day.
4. Internal rotation for continuous operation
For an external rotating system, you must replace the seal material every three days so that you cannot achieve a truly continuous process. However, our continuous plastic injection oil pyrolysis reactor process adopts the internal rotation method without worrying about the sealing problem of the external rotating system.
5. Continuous work saves time and effort
6. Long working life
In the continuous pyrolysis process, the reactor heating is heated by indirect hot air, which will not cause great damage to the reactor, thereby maintaining the service life of the reactor.

Our service

1. Design the installation drawings according to your location.
2. One-year warranty, engineers can provide services at any time.
3. Regularly call to make sure there is no problem with the device.
4. Design specific maintenance procedures according to the different conditions of your plant.

As a leading manufacturer of continuous pyrolysis equipment in China, DoingGroup can guarantee product quality and provide comprehensive after-sales services. If you are interested in purchasing our equipment, welcome to visit our factory!

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