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Pyrolysis of plastic waste to liquid fuel—the process ?

Plastic pyrolysis plant converts plastic waste to liquid fuel. The systems use a continuous liquefaction technology alongside a unique catalytic breakdown process that turns waste materials into gases and liquids. The end products can be used in any standard diesel engine or generator with little or no modifications.

Pyrolysis of plastic waste is: the process of converting waste plastic into industrial fuels like Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black and Hydrocarbon Gas. Plastic pyrolysis takes place in pyrolysis reactor. Pyrolysis reactor creates following process conditions to carry out plastic or tire pyrolysis:

pyrolysis of plasticsPyrolysis of plastic waste to liquid fuel pyrolysis plant

In pyrolysis as a process, the polymer waste is not burned, instead it is broken down into usable finished products like Pyrolysis Oil, Hydrocarbon Gas and Carbon Black.

Pyrolysis of plastic waste to liquid fuel—the process

Firstly, make reactor rotate clockwise 0.4r/min, put raw material into reactor, close feeding door.

Secondly, burned the fuel material(coal,or wood,or natural gas ,oil )in the furnace. Reactor will be slowly heated, when the temperature reach around 180 oC, oil gas will come out .then go to cooling system and liquid to oil.

Some incondensable gas which can't cooling down will be lead to furnace through a gas pipe. It will be used to heat reactor.

This can save your energy. Only the first 2 hours use energy for heating. After the first 2 hours mainly use gas, little energy is ok.

pyrolysis of plastic waste to liquid fuelPyrolysis of plastic waste to liquid fuel-the working process

After pyrolysis, all the oil gas come out from reactor, the temperature will fall down. Then make it rotate anticlockwise, carbon black discharging begin.


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