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How to get tyre pyrolysis oil?

2018-04-25 11:37:21 Pyrolysis Plant Pyrolysis Plant
tyre pyrolysis oil
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant
By using a pyrolysis based thermal distillation system and thermally decomposing 1 ton of waste tyres it is possible to adjust the processing parameters so that you can produce more oil and less residual char. Our waste tyre pyrolysis plant in operation that consistently produce approximately 450 litres of pyrolysis oil, 150 kg of steel wire and 340 kg of carbon black from every metric tonne (non-condensable gases used for process heat). The vast amount of alternatives to waste tyre disposal lead to landfills and combust based solutions which obviously damage the environment.
tyre pyrolysis oil
Tyre pyrolysis oil
Utilizing a pyrolysis based technology for scrap tyres and waste rubber products saves the environment and yields 3 highly valuable end products that are highly sought after in the market place.
tre pyrolysis oil use
Tyre pyrolysis oil application
The gases produced using pyrolysis are processed through a commercial grade condenser to recover a high grade pyrolysis oil. The recovered oil has specific gravity of approximately about 0.90 to 0.98 and a sulphur content of less than 1.5%. The pyrolysis oil is then further fractionated and filtered prior to sale and use as a #2 diesel heating oil. It is a type of Light Fuel Oil or commonly named LFO. Unfiltered oil has residual carbon in the oil smaller than 10 micron however on a standalone basis it is highly suitable for package burner systems which typically will have 0.3 mm or 300 micron nozzle diameter which prevents any residual carbon formations on the nozzles.

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