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What can old tires be used for ?

2018-04-25 11:36:43 Pyrolysis Plant Pyrolysis Plant
tire pyrolysis plant
Waste tire pyrolysis plant

There are over 350 million scrap tires produced in the US each year. If all these were processed by Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant approximately 7 million barrels of oil would be produced each year.

A waste tire pyrolysis plant usually requires approximately 50 litres of diesel fuel or 2,100 MJ of heat to process and convert every metric tonne of scrap tires into oil, carbon black and steel wire.

The heat from the end products will generate 16,800 MJ from the combust of the fuel oil and another 7,000 MJ from combustion of the carbon for a total thermal heat content of 23,800 MJ. There is therefore a minimum of 11 times gain in heat by recovering the heat energy from waste tires which makes the process a highly viable option for regaining substantial value from scrap and waste tires.

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