pyrolysis plant

Where is pyrolysis oil used?

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pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant for waste tyre/plastic to fuel oil and carbon black
Pyrolysis oil can be used in several applications to produce heat, electricity and cooling. Pyrolysis is thermal degradation either in the complete absence of oxidizing agent, or with such a limited supply that gasification does not occur to an appreciable extent or may be described as partial gasification. Relatively low temperature are employed of 500 to 800 °C, compared to 800 to 1000 °C in gasification.
tyre pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant can pyrolysis waste tyre/plastic/rubber include 45-52% tyre/plastic/rubber oil, 35% carbon black; 12-15% steel wire; 5-8%. Tyre/plastic/rubber oil is also called fuel oil, can be directly sold (they are also used for processing or used for boiler combustion, bath center, restaurants, burning fuels such as floor brick) or deep processing into organic solvent with refining equipment and automotive fuel, etc.

Tyre pyrolysis oil use?
tyre pyrolysis oil use
Tyre pyrolysis oil use

 1.Sold outward

 A.Power plant factory
 B.Glass factory
 C.Cement factory
 D.Ceramic fatory
 E.Aluminum factory
 F.Boiler factory
 G.Central heating factory
 H.Painting factory

2.    Added into heavy oil generator to produce electricity.
3.    Transformed into diesel or gasoline by oil distillation equipment.
4.    As fuel to heat the reactor.

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