pyrolysis plant


Auto-feeder is an accessory equipment of pyrolysis fuel oil plant and used to put the waste tires or waste plastics in reactor. Using auto-feeder could save time and labor during processing....

a.Save time: 10tons capacity pyrolysis oil machine needs 4 hours to feeding by labors, but by auto-feeder, 1.5hours is enough.
b.Save labor: It needs two persons when feeding by labor, but by auto-feeder, one person is enough.
Auto-feeder could produce 60 tons hydraulic press, which make the raw material  tighter in the  pyrolysis reactor.
Linked with the door of reactor. The hydraulic pressure plate presses the raw material into the reactor when open the motor of auto-feeder. Even a whole tire is not a problem to put into the reactor directly by auto-feeder.

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