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How does a continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant work?

continuous plastic pyrolysis plant
Continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is the latest equipment that DoingGroup further optimized and improved on the basis of the previous equipment, and the operation is more intelligent and the performance is more perfect! So how does the latest continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant work?
plastic pyrolysis plant
DoingGroup's 3D continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant
1. Pre-treatment: Under normal circumstances, the pyrolysis machine for sale needs to be equipped with a drying device or a crusher to remove the moisture of the waste plastic, ensure the quality of the finished product, and crush the large plastic product into small pieces to improve work efficiency. .
2.Feeding: DoingGroup waste plastic pyrolysis plant  introduce screw conveyor to pour the plastic waste into the reactor; in the transmission process, the conveyor system can control the speed of the conveyor; we also have airtight machinery to avoid air entering the reactor, Ensure the safety of the entire plastic pyrolysis process.
3. High-temperature heating: The machine adopts an indirect heating system. The fire will not shrink directly with the reactor. The waste plastic starts pyrolysis reaction with the increase of temperature. After reaching the relevant temperature, the waste plastic is converted into oil and gas containing heavy oil and light oil; heavy oil Will be collected by the sludge tank; light oil will rise and go to the next step. Throughout the entire process, the reactor is heated primarily by the thermal conductivity of the hot air, which can extend the useful life of the reactor and, on the other hand, contribute to significant cost savings.
4. Cooling: It is used to condense light oil and gas into liquid oil. The condenser system is an important part of the waste plastic pyrolysis system. It can fully cool oil and gas to increase oil production.
5. Dust removal: It is also a prominent feature of the DoingGroup pyrolysis plastics plant. Our dedusting system has four filters to completely purify the exhaust gas. In this way, our machine can achieve zero-pollution green production. Therefore, its environmental protection effect is also very obvious.
6. Discharging: The DoingGroup pyrolysis plant uses a screw conveyor to connect with the bottom of the reactor. The outside of the reactor is equipped with a circulating cooling system to reduce the temperature of carbon black and ensure the safety of operation and personal safety. Workers' safety.
pyrolysis plant
DoingGroup's new design of continous plsatic pyrolysis plant
With regard to this latest set of continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant, we have the most professional engineers in the industry. We can provide you with on-site guidance and installation of equipment, and guide on-site the most scientific set of operation and operation procedures of this equipment. So you don't need to worry about  this device operation problem.

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