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Where can waste plastic/rubber/tire pyrolysis plant oil be used for?

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waste plastic pyrolysis oil
Waste plastic/rubber/tire pyrolysis oil application

With the increase of the global energy crisis, oil recovery is the most scientific and environmentally friendly waste oil treatment method. Waste oil, if properly treated, can not only reduce the harm to the human body and the environment, but also be effectively reused. At present, there are mainly two ways in which waste oil and waste products containing petroleum are reused:
 waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic/rubber/tire to oil pyrolysis plant

1. Fuels for Heat and Electricity - Waste Oil/Pyrolysis Oils .Firstly, through DoingGroup's pyrolysis plant, high-temperature pyrolysis chemical reactions are used to crack waste plastic/tire/rubber (product made of petroleum) into fuel oil , carbon black, and combustible gases. Due to the difference in raw materials, if the raw material is a tire, it can also obtain a part of waste steel wire. The fuel oil yield is as high as 45-50%. These fuel oils can be used mainly in steel plants, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, and cement plants.

plastic pyrolysis oil to diesel oil
Waste plastic/rubber/tire pyrolysis oil to diesel oil

2. For heavy machinery power fuels - Combustible oil from waste tires/plastic pellets. If you want to further expand its use, you need to use another set of distillation machine from DoingGroup. The main working principle of this equipment is to use High-temperature distillation chemical principle. Distill the impurities in the heavy oil, and further purify and purify the heavy oil, perform corresponding dust removal and deodorization treatment, and finally obtain clean and transparent non-standard diesel oil. They can be used for diesel generators, light fuel, heavy machinery, etc.

Oil and products made of petroleum do not always mean useless after use. The DoingGroup's waste pyrolysis plant and waste oil refining equipment can make it useful again as mentioned above. We are now beginning to recycle oil to protect our environment.

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