pyrolysis plant project
  • 50TPD fully automatic tire pyrolysis machine installed in Russia
  • Scrap copper wire granulator machine successfully installed in Russia
  • Romania successfully installed waste tire recycling pyrolysis machine
  • Two sets waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Macedonia
  • Albania customer running 2 sets’used tire pyrolysis plant
  •  Successful installation case of tire/plastic pyrolysis machine
  • Italy customer set up successfully waste plastic pyrolysis plant
  • The England customer buy copper wire granulator machine from Doing company
  • 200-300kg small unit waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivered to Italy
  • Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant delivered to Czech
  • 10ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivery to Ukraine customer
  • 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in Serbia
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