pyrolsysis plant project

Successful installation case of tire/plastic pyrolysis machine

Mr Victor and Mr Gauden from Macedonia visited us in 2011 and buy one set waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine from us.
With the annual profit around USD 1,000,100.00, they came again in 2012 and bought another one waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine from us.
In 2014, They came the 3rd times and bought 2 more machines (one set of tire/plastic pyrolysis machine and one set of oil filtering machine)from us this time.
They are the only one for waste tire/plastic pyrolysis oil production line in their country. Waste tires source is always not expensive, but oil price is very high. So they earned a lot soon from this project and enlarged their factory time and time again.

Delivery waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine in port

tire/plastic pyrolysis machine
Waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine in port

The following profit analysis of 10T waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine is based on Macedonia market:

Financial analysis of waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine (10 tons capacity)
Cost for one batch
No. Item Cost of each batch
1 10 tons of waste tire 10T * USD 42.5/T = USD 425
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T * USD 70/T = USD 28
3 Electricity and water 244 kwh*USD 0.26=USD 63.44
4 Workers 4* USD 15 = USD 60
5 Total cost USD 576.44
Income for one batch
1 Crude oil 4.5T*USD960 = USD 4,320
2 Steel wire 10T*15% * USD350 /T= USD 525
3 Carbon black 3T*USD20/T= USD60
  Total income USD 4,905
1 Daily profit USD 4,328.56
2 Month profit 4328.56 * 25 days = USD 108,214
3 Annual profit USD 108,214 * 10 months = USD 1,082,140


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