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Tyre recycling machine in Mexico

As the tyre recycling to oil project in America market is become more and more popular, last year we just installed another tyre recycling machine in Mexico again.
This customer who bought the tyre recycling machine is from Mexico, and his machine is installed near to Mexico city. He came to our factory for investigation in 2013. Then we took him to our factory, and showed our demo machine and the machine production for him. After his visiting, he was very excited and satisfied. He said he would go back home for market research and prepare everything to launch this project soon.
Few months later, when our boss visited Mexico, he and his partners had a meeting with our boss. Our boss introduced them to visit our customers’ factory which already had our tyre recycling machines running there. After their visiting, his partners were also very satisfied with our machine, then directly signed the contract with our boss for buying one set tyre recycling machine from us.

tyre recycling machine
Tyre recycling machine installation

Now his tyre recycling machine has just finished installation, is going to run successfully. The same engineer who just installed the machine for him will go to Jamaica and Panama for the installation of our tyre recycling machines there.

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