Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant is for recycling waste tyres to renewable energy through a thermal cracking process. The whole process of waste pyrolysis plant is under sealed environment with tail gas cleaning system, without generating secondary pollution to the air.

The process of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre can be converted into fuel oil through tyre pyrolysis process for environmental tyre management and tyre recycling. The most commonly used synthetic polymer used in tire production is styrene-butadiene copolymer. When the pyrolysis temperature exceeds 350 degrees Celsius, the polymer decomposes into small fuel oil and hydrocarbon gase. DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plants adopt the latest pyrolysis technology and process the waste tyres with high temperature in a oxygen-free condition. Through the waste tyre pyrolysis process, you can get fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and combustible gas.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant for saleWaste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale and final products

Feed the waste tyres into the pyrolysis reactor and when heated to a certain temperature, waste tyres will be cracked into oil and gas. Then through 3 steps cooling system, oil gas will be liquefied and stored in tanks. Before the next pyrolysis process starts, the carbon black will be discharged continuously. Here is the3D working process of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale:

waste tyre pyrolysis plant working flowWaste tyre pyrolysis plant 3D working flow

The advantages of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

1. The complete set of waste tyre pyrolysis plant produces no smoke and smell with favorable effects of environmental protection.

2. The pressure release device operates through water circulation, which greatly improves the security of the system.

3. The release of pressure during the production dramatically increases the output within certain time and meanwhile improves the quality of oil.

4. The heating system adopts hot air heating technology, which improves the safety performance of production and heating efficiency. And the syn-gas produced in the waste tire pyrolysis process can be recycled to heat tyre pyrolysis reactor to save operation cost.

5. High efficiency fuel gas heating system. When the heated gas reaches 150 during pyrolysis process, a large amount of gas will be generated.

6. Whole tyre feed, no need to break for batch waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale, which reduces cost.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantBatch waste tyre pyrolysis plant 3D picture

The technical parameter of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale

No. Items Contents
1 Equipment type DY-1-6 DY-1-8 DY-1-10
2 Raw material Waste tyre Waste tyre Waste tyre
3 Structural form Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation
4 24-hour Capacity 6 ton 8 ton 10 ton
5 Oil yield 2.7-3.3ton 3.6 -4.4ton 4.5 -5.5ton
6 Operating pressure Normal Normal Normal
7 Material of pyrolysis Reactor Q245R Q245R Q245R
8 Thickness of pyrolysis Reactor 16mm 16mm 16mm
9 Rotate speed of pyrolysis Reactor 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute
10 Total power 19KW 19KW 19KW
11 Mode of cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
12 Cooling area of condenser 100sqm 100sqm 100sqm
13 Kind of transmission Internal gear drive Internal gear drive Internal gear drive
14 Noise dB(A) ≤85 ≤85 ≤85
15 Size of Reactor(D×L) 2200×6000 2200×6600 2600×6600
16 Working form Intermittent operation Intermittent operation Intermittent operation
17 Delivery time 20days 20days 20days
18 Weight 27T 30T 35T


Prepared work for waste tyre pyrolysis plant

                No.                Item                Consumption
                1                Coal(for choice)                500kg/day
                2                Wood(for choice)                800kg/day
                3                Natural gas(for choice)                100-150kg/day
                4                Oil(for choice)                300-350kg/day
                5                Electricity                244kwh/day
                6                Water(recycled)                60㎥ /month
                7                Total power                19kw
                8                Land area                35m*15m

The final products of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant products

Other raw materials for waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Apart from waste tyres, waste plastics, oil sluge, coal tar, aluminum plastic and waste rubbers, etc. can also be used as raw materials for waste tyre pyrolysis plant to produce fuel oil and carbon black.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant raw materials

More details about the waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company, a world leading pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China. We have professional sales team, engineer team, and installation team to customize you suitable waste pyrolysis solutions and offer one-stop services. And you are also welcome to come to our factory for inspecting our waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

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