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Waste pyrolysis and distillation plant projects installed by DOING in India

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Since DOING Group opened up the international market in 2011, our first customer of pyrolysis machine transaction just came from India. Over the past 10 years, DOING has now exported pyrolysis machine to more than 80 countries and regions. Among them, DOING Group has sold hundreds of pyrolysis machines to India. And we have also created a record to sell 75 pyrolysis machines in the Indian market in half of the year.

In the course of trade, many customers praised our pyrolysis machine for its stable running, labor&cost saving, high pyrolysis oil yield, environmentally friendly features. There are some Indian customers who have bought pyrolysis machine from us several times, and some of our clients are even our agents in India. The most famous one name Sanjay, he also became our largest agent in India, we also keep in touch now.

1.What are the pyrolysis plant and distillation plant project cases that Henan Doing Company has done in Indian?

Here, DOING will share with you some classic pyrolysis project cases for your reference to learn more about the pyrolysis plant project in India.

pyrolysis plant projectIndia's pyrolysis and distillation plant project cases installed by DOING

Project 1: 10TPD pyrolysis plant in India

pyrolysis plant project 10TPD pyrolysis plant was installed in India

In 2012, Pawan bought a 10TPD pyrolysis machine from us, and his machine ran smoothly for six years. And then he bought two pyrolysis machine again from us in 2018. Recently he decided to expand his pyrolysis plant, he is ready to buy new machines from us again. He often gets in touch with us. He is not only our client but also our friend.

▶Project 2: Waste tire pyrolysis plant in Punjab of India

Avnet, who is in the northern Indian province of Punjab, bought one set of waste tire pyrolysis machine, which are still running. The performance of our equipment has been recognized by him, so he often recommends our machines to his friends or partners.

pyrolysis plant projectWaste tire pyrolysis plant in Punjab of India

▶Project 3:10TPD waste plastic in Accra of India

In 2019, a customer in Accra, India bought a 10-ton plastic pyrolysis machine from DOING. The customer carefully compared several manufacturers and finally sent inquiry to us. Our dedicated sales manager and engineers customized the specific pyrolysis solutions for him, and showed him the pyrolysis machine prototypes in our types and machine running videos. Customers were moved by the strong manufacturing strength and meticulous services of us so the directly made a 10TPD waste plastic machine order.

waste tire pyrolysis plant 10TPD waste plastic in Accra of India

The project cases that Henan Doing Company has installed in India are far more than those mentioned above. The above project information is for your reference only.

2.How profitable it is to start pyrolysis and distillation plant business in India?

Now the oil price is rising in the worldwide, so the pyrolysis project is becoming more and more popular in the worldwide including India. From the raw material providing, the pyrolysis process and the final product sales, there is very mature and complete market in India. Whether based on the project profit analysis or our customers’ feedback, it is profitable to develop projects in India.

Profitability Analysis For 10tpd Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Tyre 10t * 80 USD/t = 800 USD
Electricity Consumption 20 USD
Manpower 3 persons * 10 USD = 30 USD
Fuel Oil 4t * 400 USD/t = 1600 USD
Carbon Black 3t * 30 USD/t = 90 USD
Steel Wires 1.5t * 200 USD/t = 300 USD
Profit 1140 USD

3.Why buy pyrolysis and distillation machine from DOING?

If you also want to invest in related businesses, please contact DOING company to purchase pyrolysis or distillation machine. DOING company has the following machine advantages and after-sales service advantages, which is beneficial to maximize your benefits.

①Pyrolysis and distillation machine advantages

pyrolysis plant Pyrolysis and distillation machine advantages

A.The quality of machine is guaranteed:

Doing pyrolysis machine’s reactor uses an arc-shaped head. The arc-shaped head has the function of buffering pressure, which can ensure the long service life of machine. And it uses a shell tube condensing system, shell tube condensing system can ensure the cooling effect, improve the oil output rate and oil quality.

B.Various capacity are available:

DOING has different scales and different automation types pyrolysis or distillation machine to choose from, which can meet the needs of different customers. All machine is customized through our independent factory to ensure the machine quality while reducing the customer's investment cost.

C.Machine price advantage:

Doing Company not only has professional R&D team to customize suitable machine for customers, but also has specialized and independent factory to finish machine manufacturing. In addition, our company has many years of cooperation with suppliers of stainless steel, valves, pumps and other production materials. We can get the production materials at the factory price. All these can ensure that people can buy machine at relatively low prices.

②After-sales service advantages

pyrolysis plantAfter-sales service advantages of DOING

A.Machine delivery advantages:

DOING will pack all the small spare parts with wooden cases and attach the spare parts list to every wooden case for customer checking when receive the machine. We also could help our customer to book the ship if customer don't have suitable agent for shipping, we have long term cooperation forwarder who can find the cheapest ship for our customers. And they are familiar with loading our machine, which is beneficial to ensure the safety of machine.

B.Machine installation advantages :

We have many experienced overseas installation engineers. When the machine arrives in the customer's country, we can send engineers to install, debug and run the machine, and train the customer's workers to operate and run the machine. Moreover, we have a special Chinese and English version of the after-sales installation manual, which introduces the detailed steps of machine operation and maintenance in detail. Workers can refer to this installation manual at any time when operating the machine to avoid mistakes. We will also provide one year after-sales warranty service, and provide lifetime technical support for customers.

C.Comprehensive technical support:

DOING’s engineer team can not only provide customers with technical plan drawings, on the other hand, it can also help customers survey the factory buildings and design layout drawings, machine basic condition diagram, etc.

It has always been the pursuit of DOING company to let the machine quality, manufacturing strength and customers’ feedback become the best publicity. If you want to start waste tires/plastic pyrolysis or waste oil distillation plant, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Not only can we customize suitable machine for you, but also share our project installation experience to help you develop recycling business smoothly!

4.What’s the business scope of DOING Group? What products can DOING Company provide?

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive environmental equipment manufacturer integrating technological design, research and development, machine production, sales and after-sales service in one.

Our main business:

●Batch type waste tire/plastic/rubber pyrolysis plant;

● Fully continuous waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant;

● Waste engine oil/ plastic oil/oil sludge distillation plant;

● Pyrolysis plant auxiliary equipment;

So if you are interested in the waste pyrolysis and distillation plant project, just feel free to contact DOING Group. DOING not only can customize you cost-effective machine with suitable scale, mode and automation degree, but also can share with you our accumulated installation experience in India, so that you can save time and effort to develop your pyrolysis plant project and make more profits!

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