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Two additional 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis machine installed in Shanxi, China

Congratulations! Two additional 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis machine ordered by Shanxi’s customer has installed successfully. This two waste tyre pyrolysis machine can help Shanxi customer convert 24 tons waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires per day. Actually, the customer had purchased two sets waste tyre pyrolysis machines in July, 2020. To expand production, the customer decided to add two more machines. This form shows some detailed information about this waste tyre pyrolysis machine project in China’s Shanxi:

Project Name 24TPD waste tyre pyrolysis machine project
Factory Location Shanxi, China
Main Equipment Auto-feeder, pyrolysis reactor, cooling system, oil tank, safety device, carbon black discharge system, smoke cleaning system
Oil Yield Around 35%-45%
Capacity Processing 24t waste tyre per day

waste tyre pyrolysis machineWaste tyre pyrolysis machine installed in Shanxi, China

When these two machines arrived customer’s plant, our engineers were send to guide the installation. In order to finish the installation as soon as possible, they continued to work in the snow. Next, you will see the onsite photos of waste tyre pyrolysis machine.

waste tyre pyrolysis to oil machineWaste tyre pyrolysis machine was installing

After the installation was completed, the next stage would be to debug the waste tyre pyrolysis machine. And our engineers would also train the workers to ensure that they could operate the waste tyre pyrolysis machine safely. Under the guidance of our engineers, the workers would practice operating waste tyre pyrolysis machine three or four times until they became proficient. Below is the video of fuel oil produced from the waste tyre pyrolysis machine operated by workers.

Our Shanxi customer is very satisfied with our Doing waste tyre pyrolysis machine, installation and after-sales service. He said he had great trust in Doing Group, and if he operated the waste tyre pyrolysis business well, he would order Doing pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machine to enlarge his business.

Doing Group has more than ten years of experience in waste materials pyrolysis industry. Doing waste tyre pyrolysis machine has high quality and oil yield. If you are interested in this industry, please contact us directly.

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