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What is pyrolysis of plastic?

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pyrolysis of plastic
Pyrolysis of plastic to oil
The global plastic production increased over years due to the vast applications of plastics in many sectors. The continuous demand of plastics caused the plastic wastes accumulation in the landfill consumed a lot of spaces that contributed to the environmental problem. The rising in plastics demand led to the depletion of petroleum as part of non-renewable fossil fuel since plastics were the petroleum-based material. Some alternatives that have been developed to manage plastic wastes were recycling and energy recovery method. However, there were some drawbacks of the recycling method as it required high labor cost for the separation process and caused water contamination that reduced the process sustainability. Due to these drawbacks, the researchers have diverted their attentions to the energy recovery method to compensate the high energy demand. Through extensive research and technology development, the plastic waste conversion to energy was developed.
plastic pyrolysis
Pyrolysis of plastic to oil

1.Feed raw materials
The raw material can be waste tire/waste plastic/waste rubber. Always feed by the auto feeder.

Include a reactor and catalyst room. Heat the reactor by coal/wood/oil/natural gas. This part will produce high temperature oil gas, the oil gas then flow into the next system.

3. Condensing
Oil gas come out from the reactor and catalyst chamber then cooling down in this part. Condensing system include condenser pipe, oil water separator, horizontal condenser and waste gas condenser. This will make the oil yield to the maximum.

4.Waste gas recovery
This part mainly deal with the gas that cannot be condensed. The whole process is very steady and high efficiency.

5. Discharge
After finished oil produce, the temperature of reactor can be cooled down, When the temperature falls down to 40 degree then carbon black can be discharged automatically by the way of anticlockwise rotate the reactor. The carbon black will drop into slag pool and then use screw conveyor to clean the slag pool. After discharging the carbon black.

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