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4 sets of 15TPD semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plants in Fujian Province, China

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On February 9, 2023, four sets of 15TPD semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plants newly launched by Henan Doing Company were successfully installed in Fujian Province, China! Our waste tire pyrolysis plants successfully passed the household inspection and acceptance, and were officially put into operation.

waste tire pyrolysis plantSemi-continuous pyrolysis plants project site

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It is learned that the Fujian customers are engaged in business related to the waste recycling industry. They are very optimistic about the prospects of the waste tire pyrolysis industry, and they are also very familiar with the pyrolysis plant running process. After learning that our company has multiple tire pyrolysis plant installation and operation sites in Fujian, the customer decided to visit the tire pyrolysis plants to inspect the actual operation of the equipment. Our project manager made an appointment to go there after coordinating and communicating with the old customers in advance. After paying a visiting, the Fujian customers thought highly of our tire pyrolysis plant, especially the design of the head of the pyrolysis reactor pressure vessel.

DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant reactor is manufactured according to the production standard of pressure vessels. It is designed with 16mm thick boiler-specific steel plate and arc-shaped pressure-resistant head. It can withstand high pressure and high temperature, and has high equipment safety. Customers attach great importance to the safety of equipment, and our equipment is given priority in detail design and processing.

pyrolysis plant advantagesDOING pyrolysis plant reactor design advantages

Therefore, after coming into contact with tire pyrolysis plant from different manufacturers, they thought that DOING pyrolysis plant has better quality and more excellent performance. Then our engineers were asked to issue a customized equipment purchasing scheme based on the scale of the annual processing capacity of 20,000 tons. Finally, on May 18, 2022, Fujian customers successfully placed an order of four sets of 15TPD semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

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After two months, the production and manufacturing tasks of four sets of 15TPD semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plants were completed. After the quality inspection personnel debugged and operated correctly, they were loaded and shipped on July 5, 2022.

tire pyrolysis plant projectSemi-continuous pyrolysis plants delivered to Fujian, China

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The waste tire pyrolysis plant project is another large-scale EPC project for the comprehensive utilization of waste tire resources installed by Henan Doing Company.

We participated in the whole process of guiding the installation, commissioning and trial operation of Fujian semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant, and provided technical training of workers, including standardized operation of equipment, daily maintenance, safety precautions and emergency plans and so on.

tire pyrolysis plant projectSemi-continuous pyrolysis plant project installation site

With high-quality pyrolysis plant design and professional service, we have become the preferred manufacturer of many customers. Looking forward to reaching friendly and win-win cooperation with more customers!

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