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15TPD Semi-continuous waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant installed in Hubei, China!

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On September 28, 2022, in an industrial park in Hubei, China, the semi-continuous waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant with a daily processing capacity of 15 tons/day was fully completed and put into operation. The waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant project was undertaken by Henan Doing Company, providing a series of full-process services from project planning, process design, equipment selection, equipment manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.

waste oil sludge pyrolysis plantDOING company waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant

Project Overview

Raw MaterialsFloor sludge, tank bottom sludge, ground oil spills and other types of oily sludge
Final ProductsFuel oil, soil
Processing Capacity15 tons/day
Equipment Configuration

Automatic feeder, pyrolysis reactor, condensation system, air transportsystem,

deodorization system,desulfurization dust removal system andnegative pressure system, etc.

Working modeSemi-continuous operation

Project Details

>>>Inquiry details

The Hubei customer himself is in the waste recycling industry, and he was introduced by an regular customer of our company. After paying a visit to our regular customer’s pyrolysis project site to check the operation status of the equipment. After watching the project operation site, the customer turned to us for professional advice for installing waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant.

Our company mainly provides two kinds of waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant, batch type and semi-continuous type. The semi-continuous waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant can automatically feed materials, especially suitable for semi-fluid sludge materials that customers want to process.

pyrolysis plantTwo types waste oil sludge pyrolyss plant

Our project manager shared equipment process information and qualification certificates to this Hubei customer, and at the same time, the engineer teams of both parties discussed the equipment processing plan and equipment configuration details. In the end, the 15TPD semi-continuous sludge pyrolysis plant scheme was successfully finalized.

>>>Delivery&Installation details

After receiving the order, the business department issued an order production notice to the factory. It took about three months to finally complete the production task of 15 tons/day semi-continuous waste oil sludge pyrolsis plant with high quality and quantity. And then DOING workers delivered the waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant and its accessories in a centralized manner in late November 2022 after careful inspection and packing.

When this Hubei customer received the equipment, Henan Doing Company immediately dispatched a team of engineers to the project operation site to guide the installation and commissioning of the 15TPD semi-continuous sludge pyrolysis plant. In addition, our engineers perform piping alterations and welding work etc. according to the drawing design. The following is the picture of waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant project installation site:

installation siteThe waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant project installation site picture

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the advantages of the whole industry chain integrating scientific and technological R&D, equipment manufacturing, and operation management to provide customers with all-around services. If you also want to set up related waste oil sludge/plastic/tire pyrolysis projects, please contact us for favorable quotations.

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