pyrolsysis plant project

12TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant project for paper mill waste recycling to oil in Indonesia

Our DOING company has just completed the installation and commissioning of a waste plastic pyrolysis plant for processing 12 tons of waste plastics in Indonesia.

plastic pyrolysis project12TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in Indonesia

The Indonesian customer owns a paper mill, and his paper mill produces nearly 100 tons of waste every day, most of which are waste paper and waste plastic. In order to recycle his paper mill waste again, he found our DOING company looking for a solution.

It is well known that plastic can be converted into fuel oil through waste plastic pyrolysis plant, and the scrap of the paper mill also contains a large amount of plastic, so can the waste of the paper mill be converted into fuel oil? [ Related reading: What kind of plastic bags can be recycled by pyrolysis plant ? ]

plastic recycling in indonesiaThe customer's raw material - paper mill waste

After the technician analyzed and tested the raw materials, we concluded that the waste from the paper mill can be used as a raw material for the waste plastic pyrolysis plant. Although the paper mill's scrap contains a lot of water and paper waste, it is good that these materials can be dried, and the plastic mixed with paper dust can be completely processed by the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, but the oil yield will not be too high if there is too much water in the plastic.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantPaper mill waste being feed into the pyrolysis reactor after dried

For the raw materials of our Indonesian customers, the technicians first instructed the customers to dry the raw materials, reduce the moisture of the raw materials, and then send the waste of the dry paper mill to the pyrolysis reactor for cracking. After 3 hours of preheating, the operation went smoothly and the fuel oil comes out. With the smooth operation of this Indonesian customer project, more customers who want to use the waste plastic pyrolysis plant to process the plastics of the paper mill waste are more confident.

plastic pyrolysis plantThe fuel oil from waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Ordinary plastics such as PP PE PS can be completely processed by our waste plastic pyrolysis plant to obtain fuel oil. So waste containing plastic is also acceptable. If you also want to know if your raw materials can be processed by our waste pyrolysis plant, please contact us.

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