pyrolsysis plant project

12TPD waste tyre to oil plant project in Maharashtra, India

On February 15th, we started the installation of 12TPD waste tyre  pyrolysis plant project in Maharashtra, India. From the foundation construction to the equipment commissioning, our engineers were always there guiding the project establishment.

tyre oil plant in rajasthan12TPD waste tyre oil plant is being installed in Rajasthan, India

Yesterday, good news came from the  Maharashtra that the 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant project had been successfully installed, which is running smoothly. Here is the oil output video:

tyre oil plant in rajasthanPyrolysis oil output video

The waste tyre pyrolysis plant can handle 12 tons of tires a day and about 4.5ton tyre oil can be got. If you are interested in waste tyre pyrolysis plant, please contact us feel free, our engineers will provide suitable solutions for you.

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