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Waste rubber to fuel pyrolysis plant

In the modern days, waste rubbers are serious issues for many countries. More wastes mean more pollution. In the times that almost all people are seeking for the “Green” life style,  machines to dispose various kinds of wastes are certainly warmly welcomed. Therefore, many waste plastic/tyre/rubber to oil plant suppliers have come to the world

Doing rubber to fuel pyrolysis plant are aimed to make useful renewable resources out of wastes, such as fuel oil, carbon clack, and fuel gas, etc. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to realize no pollutant emissions during the whole process. Thereby, we can reach a true meaning of environmental protection Enterprise.
rubber pyrolysis plant
Waste rubber to fuel pyrolysis plant
Solution: Waste rubber to fuel pyrolysis plant
Function: Recycling waste rubber to fuel oil
Applicable raw material: rubber hose, and rubber shoes etc
Output: 45-52% crude oil, 30% carbon black, 8% waste gas
Heating fuel: Coal / wood / fuel oil / gas
Pyrolysis plant land size: 25x20m
Reactor design: Mutiple reactors with internal rotating
Reactor material: Q245/Q345 Boiler plate

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