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Stone mill grinder

Raymond Mill is widely used for flour milling industry. As an accessory equipment, Raymond mill is used to process the barite,marble,gypsum and many other minerals into smaller granule, which should meet the different demands of the market. It even can mill the stones into powder, which can be used as the raw materials of RMP(rich mineral paper). Doing helps clients purchase the Raymond Mill when needed.


all kinds of paper

Paper is very common in our life, and every day we may use all kinds of paper, such as toilet paper, food packaging paper, newspaper,and even paper money. Paper makes human’s life colorful and meaningful.
 excessive forestation

Technical Data

However, the process from wood into paper tremendously damages our nature. Excessive deforestation causes the sharp decrease of the biodiversity; industrial pollution dyes the blue sky gray.
ystone mill grinder


stone mill grinder
In this competitive age, Raymond Mill deserves your attention.
Technical Parameters
Model Max Feeding Size
3R1410 10-15
(T)Capacity(r/min) Centre Axis
1-10 280
(mm)Grinding ring Outer Dia. (mm)Grinding roller Dia.
500 140
(mm)Roller and ring height (kw)Main Motor
100 7.5
(kw)Blower Motor Power (kw)Analyzer Motor Power
5.5 1.1

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