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Pyrolysis product applications

2018-01-24 19:43:42 Range of Application

The final products of pyrolysis plant to waste tire , waste plastic and waste rubber are pyrolysis fuel oil,Carbon black,Steel wire, pyrolysis fuel oil can be used by electricity generator and boiler

Pyrolysis product application
plastic oil & tire oil
Fuel oil(plastic oil, tyre oil )

Pyrolysis oil applications
Fuel oi(plastic oil, tyre oil )l from waste tyre & waste plastic  are used in below industries

a.power plant factory factory
c.cement factory
ceramic factory
aluminum factory
boiler factory
central heating factory
painting factory

Diesel oil
Diesel oil
Diesel oil can be used in following vehicles

c.Diesel oil generators

Carbon black
Carbon black
Carbon black from waste tyre are used in below industries

a.Electric cable jacketing
b. conveyor ban
c.hose and doormat nylon bag
e.rubber additive
f.automatic spare parts
g.heat isolation colorant in rubber materials
i.plastic pipes rubber products fighting

D.	Steel wire
Steel wire
Steel wire can be re-sell to wire making factory

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