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Pyrolysis tire oil and steel wire

Pyrolysis tire oil  product
pyrolysis tire oil
Tire pyrolysis plant
The fuel oil is the most important product of tire pyrolysis plant, After testing the oil element with the correct method. Pyrolysis oil contains a lot of aromatics (53.4-74.8)%,some nitrogenated (2.47-3.5) and some oxygenated compounds (2.29-4.85%).Their GCV 10000kcal/KG is even higher than that specified for commercial heating oil, but the sulphur content(1-12%) is close to or slightly below the limit value.Signigicant quantities of valuable light hydrocarbons such as beneze,toluene,xylene,limonene,etc. were obtained. The concentration of those compounds increases with temperature up to 500 ℃ and then decreases. There is also an important portion of polycyclic aromatics, such as naphthalenes,phenanthrenes, fluorenes,diphenlys,etc.their concentration as well as that of total aromatics increase significantly with temperature. This oil typically contains20-25.wt% of naphtha fraction with a boiling point lower than 200 ℃。The naphtha fraction typically contains 20-25wt% dl-limon2.29-oene.

pyrolysis oil

Steel wire:

As we know tires contain steel wires and the amount ranges from 10%-15% of the total tire weight. All the steel present in the tire can be detached after the pyrolysis recycling process is completed. Value steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.
 steel wire extracted from waste tyre

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