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7TPD waste oil distillation machine was delivered to Mali

03-28-2023 14:09:17 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On March 26, 2023, a 7TPD waste oil distillation machine was delivered to Mali. Shipped with the waste oil distillation machine to Mali are the heat conduction oil furnace and solid catalysts researched by DOING Company.

The heat conduction oil furnace can heat the heat conduction oil in advance to decrease the distillation time and improve work efficiency. The solid catalysts can enhance diesel quality and increase security without contacting waste oil distillation process.

The Mali customer bought the waste oil distillation machine, which is aimed at making further use of the waste oil to convert waste oil into diesel. In Mali, there are plenty of waste oil resources which are cheap and easy to get. While diesel is expensive but has large markets and demands in local areas. Therefore, converting waste oil to diesel in Mali has bright market prospects and enormous economic benefits. So purchasing the waste oil distillation is a good choice for the Mali customer to achieve a win-win.

This is the 7TPD waste oil distillation machine delivered to Mali video.

Our waste oil distillation machine adopts advanced technology and is equipped with the solid catalysts researched exclusively by DOING Company, on the basis of improving safety and efficiency, the diesel processed by the waste oil distillation machine is of the nearly same quality as the standard diesel.

The obtained diesel can replace other energy and be used in some sectors, like heavy machinery, generator and boiler heating, which can meet the large diesel demand of the Mali market and bring enough economic benefits to the Mali customer at the same time. That's why the Mali customer chose the waste oil distillation machine developed by DOING Company.

DOING Company has been dedicated to researching and fabrication of waste oil distillation machines for 13 years. If you are interested in waste oil distillation machines, please contact us, our manager can offer you a reasonable plan according to your processing materials, process capacity, project place, and other aspects.

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