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Two sets of 14TPD new design waste oil distillation machine to Mexico delivery news

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It took nearly two months from contract signing, machines producing to delivery. Finally, on February 16, 2023, two sets of new design waste oil distillation machines were delivered to Mexico.

The Mexican customer will carry out the project in Guadalajara, which is the second largest city in Mexico and has developed industries and a prosperous economy. In Guadalajara, there are not only abundant waste oil resources but also a large diesel market. Therefore, our manager recommended the 2 sets of 14TPD new design waste oil distillation machines to the Mexican customer according to the actual situation.

Shipped together with two sets of waste oil distillation machines were the heat conduction oil heating system, filtration and decoloration system, heavy oil burner and the solid catalysts. These optional devices can upgrade our machine performance to a new degree.

Waste oil to diesel distillation machine to Mexico on-site delivery picturesWaste oil to diesel distillation machine to Mexico on-site delivery pictures

1. The heat conduction oil heating system: decrease the heating time and without pollution and waste

2. The filtration and decoloration system: enhance the diesel purity and quality, which is nearly of the same quality as the standard diesel

3. The heavy oil burner: use the heavy oil as burning energy directly to help heat the distillation reactor, save energy and improve work efficiency

4. Solid catalysts: improve the diesel quality and working safety, which can order directly from DOING Company

The high quality diesel obtained with the waste oil distillation machine can meet the large demand in Guadalajara to replace some energy in some areas, like the heavy machinery, generator, etc. At the same time, the Mexican customer can get plenty of asphalt, which can be used for paving and other sectors. Both of them can bring huge economic benefits to the Mexican customer.

Multiple uses of diesel and asphaltMultiple uses of diesel and asphalt

Apart from advanced technology, great performance configurations and high quality machines, DOING Company also offers full services for customers, from purchasing guidance, delivery guarantee to installation and technical training. That's why the Mexican customer chose our company as the cooperation partner.

If you are interested in similar waste oil to diesel distillation projects, please feel free to contact us for more machine details and quotations.

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