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12T waste tire pyrolysis machine was sent to Latvia

2020-05-28 11:20:44 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

In May 2020, DOING factory successfully completed the delivery of the 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine to Latvia which was ordered via trade assurance in Alibaba. The following is the picture of the delivery.

tire pyrolysis machine12T waste tire pyrolysis machine sent to Latvia

The company that this customer works for is specialized in the transportation and storage of crude oil, refined oil and petrochemical products (including all kinds of heating products). He knows the oil market well, so he knows the high profits of the tire pyrolysis business.Combined with the situation of the local waste tires, so he intend to do tire pyrolysis business.

waste tyre pyorlysis machineLocal accumulation of waste tires

Because he had the experience of being cheated before he bought the equipment, he was more cautious this time and would like to complete the order through trade assurance in Alibaba. Our company not only has website, but also display our product on Alibaba. Therefore, after the final communication, the customer completed the payment of 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine through Alibaba. Here is his order status.

tire pyrolysis 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine order in Alibaba

The 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine will arrive in Latvia by sea after more than a month. After that, our installation engineer will go to guide the installation. The subsequent installation will be updated in time.


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