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How to get the quote for pyrolysis machines for recycling tires and plastic waste?

More and more people are interested in recycling tires and plastic waste with pyrolysis machines to obtain recyclable resources and make great profits. In the face of many pyrolysis machine manufacturers, they don’t know how to find a good equipment manufacturer and get the best quote for pyrolysis machines.

And here we list five ways to help you find reliable pyrolysis machine manufacturers to get the waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine quotations.

waste plastic/tyres pyrolysis plantDOING waste plastic/tyres pyrolysis plant

1. Get information online. Customers can find reliable pyrolysis machine manufacturers by browsing the company website, Google search, watching YouTube videos, etc., and then contact the company's salesperson to obtain accurate equipment quotes.

2. Follow Youtube, Facebook and TikTok public accounts. Then add friends, follow the manufacturer's update dynamic, to understand the manufacturer's new trends and contact them to get equipment quotes.

DOING HOLDINGDOING company official account

3. Search waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine products on Alibaba and watch the manufacturer's live show. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some large pyrolysis machine manufacturers have started to broadcast live events online to showcase their equipment to foreign customers. Customers can watch the manufacturer's factory and equipment through Alibaba live video and ask for the machine quote.

4. Search the industry rankings of pyrolysis machine manufacturers to find the top-ranked waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine manufacturers and compare them. The industry ranking of pyrolysis machine manufacturers is selected by the public, so it has a certain degree of convincing power. Then you can contact them to get the machine quote.

5. Recommended by peers. Peer recommendation refers to the suggestions given by people who have purchased pyrolysis machines and have experience in pyrolysis machine operation. If you know or your friends know some people who have bought pyrolysis machines to recycle waste tires and plastics, you can ask them for advice, because they have operated the pyrolysis machine, and know what kind of equipment is the best, and even recommend the best pyrolysis machine manufacturer to you. So you can get quotes from the pyrolysis machine manufacturer.

project casePyrolysis plant project cases from DOING

Henan Doing Company has manufactured and exported waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine for customers in more than 100+ countries and regions, such as Uganda, UAE, Bangladesh, India, Spain, Italy, USA, Australia, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Botswana, Chile, Ukraine, etc. Just feel free to send us the waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine inquries, and our sales manager will send related machine quotations, machine details, project cases and videos.

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